Plan Your Perfect Salt Spring Island Getaway!
Plan Your Perfect Salt Spring Island Getaway!

The buzz is growing about Canada's most unique vacation destination - Salt Spring Island!

Plan Your Perfect Salt Spring Island Getaway!
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Get Out On The Water

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Salt Spring Island...

Salt Spring Island is unique

Salt Spring Island is a unique place - famous for its pastoral beauty, markets, organic farming, artists and artisans - and most recently healers, health and wellness professionals. The Salt Spring Island landscape has forests, arbutus and garry oak meadows, beaches, mountains, lakes, the ocean and rolling countryside. It's a great place to hike and see nature and wildlife, including many endangered species. There are so many great things to do on Salt Spring Island for people of all ages. We also love the Salt Spring Island Adventure Map, pick it up on The Coho & BC Ferries, and everywhere on Salt Spring Island including Salt Spring Tourist Information in Ganges and Salt Spring Mercantile in Fulford.

Getting to Salt Spring Island

There are many ways of getting to Salt Spring Island - the ferries for a leisurely cruise where you may get to see Orcas or a pod of dolphins, and we have our own floatplane service, Salt Spring Air that gets you here from downtown Vancouver in 35 minutes (plus an amazing experience and aerial views on the way)!

Things to Do on Salt Spring Island

Outdoor activities abound, especially water-based activities and we have local experts to help you have a great time. Cycling is a fun and energetic option, but we also have taxis, a bus service and both car and scooter hire to help you get around Salt Spring Island should you need it.

As well as the markets, one of the biggest charms of the island are the farms and honour-based farmstands dotted all over the island selling everything from fruit and veggies to jams, eggs, meat, flowers and more. And we have plenty of fabulous shops and stores for you to find the perfect gift or a treat for yourself! Check out our Things to Do Page for more ideas here >>

 Salt Spring Island Farming

Farming is an important part of Salt Spring Island culture. As far back as 1900, there were 80 documented farms - and Salt Spring was known for its bountiful fruit harvests, especially apples. In fact we have over 350 varieties of apples on Salt Spring Island, and an Annual Salt Spring Apple Festival. The first Salt Spring Island Fall Fair was held in 1896 celebrating the harvest, farming, local produce, farm animals, handicrafts and more! Salt Spring is still famous for its lamb today, and in the spring you'll see lambs all over the island!

Accommodations and Art on Salt Spring Island

People began to spend their vacations on Salt Spring Island as early as the 1930's, which means we have lots of great accommodations to be found all over the island. In the 1960's artisans and craftspeople of every kind imaginable began moving in force to Salt Spring so you can also find artist and artisan studios everywhere.

Salt Spring Island Foodie Culture

Salt Spring is increasingly known for its "Foodie" culture - artisan bakers, quality, organic produce and meats, the Farmer's Market, local Salt Spring Cheese, Wine, Beer and treats including our very own Salt Spring Gelato. And we have everything from quirky cafes to world-class restaurants.

The People of Salt Spring Island

Today, Salt Spring Island's population is at approximately 10,500. As well as descendants of the original Salt Spring settlers, many island residents are escaping the city and fast-paced modern lifestyles. We are an island of farmers, artists & craftspeople, health & wellness professionals, caregivers, activists and environmentalists, free-thinkers and more. Yoga is also popular on Salt Spring Island and many people come to train at The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga.

Click here if you're curious to learn more about Salt Spring Island's history >>

Increasingly, younger people are moving back to the beauty and peace of Salt Spring Island for an alternative lifestyle and to grow their own food. The advent of broadband (a fast internet connection) has also brought many digital workers to the island - people who work from home on their computers. Click here for more information on moving here >>