Where to Eat on Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island eateries range from breakfast cafes to pubs and world-class restaurants, and from whimsical cafes to artisanal food shops! We have Restaurants, Pubs, great Cafes, Bakeries & Treats, handy Take-out plus tantalising snacks & yummies at our markets. Eat out, eat local, eat well!

100-149 Fulford Ganges Road

Sushi 2 Go

102-170 Fulford Ganges Road

Dagwoods Diner

350 Lower Ganges Road

2104-155 Fulford Ganges Road

Buzzy's Luncheonette

122-149 Fulford Ganges Road

Hastings House

108 Hereford Avenue

100 Lower Ganges Road

House Piccolo

201-110 Purvis Lane

Pasta Fresca

99-149 Fulford Ganges Road

Salt Spring Inn

132 Lower Ganges Road

Mateada Lounge

124A Upper Ganges Rd

Rock Salt Restaurant

2921 Fulford-Ganges Rd

163 Fulford-Ganges Road

Switchboard Cafe

122 Hereford Ave

1-121 McPhillips Avenue

151 Sharp Road

Seaside Restaurant

795 Vesuvius Bay Road

Cassette Cafe + Dive Bar

106 Lower Ganges Road

Fernwood Road Cafe

325 Fernwood Road

Moby's Pub

150 Fulford-Ganges Rd

Treehouse Cafe

366 Lower Ganges Road

121 Upper Ganges Rd

Salt Spring Coffee Cafe

109 McPhillips Avenue

Al's Gourmet Falafel

151 Rainbow Road

Uptown Pizza

106 Purvis Lane

Golden Island Restaurant
Arigato Shshi
Auntie Pesto's Cafe
Barb's Buns
Beachside Cafe
Francis Bread

319 Upper Ganges Road

TJ Beans

110 Lower Ganges Road

Harlans Chocolates and Gelato

336 Lower Ganges Rd

Glad's Gelateria

101 Purvis Lane

160 Upper Ganges Rd

Salt Spring Wild Cider
Salt Spring Wok Bar

104-149 Fulford Ganges Road

Embe Bakery

174 Fulford Ganges Road

The Local Pub

108-149 Fulford Ganges Road

Food Carts + Cans