Mehndi Nomadic


Amy is an experienced traveling henna artist offering meaningful adornment for all manner of celebrations and rites of passage - weddings, maternity, birthdays, holidays, festivals, or just because!

She uses fresh, home-made henna paste which results in beautifully rich colours and enjoys educating her clients on preparation and aftercare so that they get the most out of their ephemeral designs.

A globe-trotter with a degree in South Asian studies from UBC and a passion for continued research, Amy is always happy to share what she knows about the henna plant and its associated history, traditions, and medicinal properties - knowledge which she has been gathering since becoming a student of this widespread folk art in 2009.

As a painter, Amy's artistic practice is guided by a deep passion for service, the natural world, human rights, and beauty. Fascinated by intricacy, she delights in creating art which tempts the eye into exploring hypnotic scenes of colour and concept. Her wish is for her creations to uplift, invigorate, and empower viewers!

To see a full portfolio of her henna adornment and paintings, please visit . For inquiries, please reach out via or the contact form on the website!