Salt Spring Wine

Salt Spring Island makes up part of the Wine Islands region of British Columbia; a region that includes Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Being part of the warmest growing region in Canada, the island wineries are reputed for their aromatic west coast scents and fruity tastes.

The Salt Spring Island terroir is well suited for growing cool-climate grapes. Our young vineyards enjoy warm temperate days of long sunshine intermittent with the cool shifts in weather, producing aromatic wines of higher acidity.

We also enjoy a micro-climate that affords for the long fermentation process required to produce those lighter, fruitier wines recognized in today’s global wine markets.

For more information about the Wine Island of British Columbia, please visit the Wine Islands Vintners Association.

Salt Spring Island Wineries

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  • Garry Oaks Winery - situated just downhill of Salt Spring Vineyards on Lees Hill on the Fulford Ganges Road. Wine tastings available.
  • Salt Spring Vineyards - situated on Lees Hill just off the Fulford-Ganges Road. Take a wine tasting (paired with local cheese and chocolate!). Sit in the vineyard with your picnic and a glass of wine next to the pond complete with ducks for company!

Salt Spring Island Ales

Salt Spring Island Ale is fast becoming synonomous with innovative, quality craft beer-making. Did you know that beer and cheese pairings is the new 'in-thing'? Ask for Becky at Salt Spring Island ales and she'll give you the lowdown.

Salt Spring Island Ales is an up and coming craft brewery with an ale for every palate! Using hops grown on Salt Spring Island, visit their tasting room and buy some beer to enjoy later on!
Tip: Pick up some local organic sausages for the barbecue from the Blue Moon farm stand on the way back down!

Salt Spring Island Cider

Salt Spring Wild Cider

Ciders made with the wild apples and pears that grow on Salt Spring Island, and with apples from regional organic orchards, using a process that involves slow-fermenting single varieties and allowing each to mature until it has fully developed. The ciders are then carefully blended for complexity and depth of flavor; Dry and Semi-Dry ciders are each blends of over 10 different apple varieties!

While the blending process is crucial (and arduous), the special character of the cider is due to the wealth of heritage cider apples that grow on Salt Spring, and to the commitment to making fully organic ciders.

Cheese, cheese glorious Salt Spring Cheese!

Martina-at-Salt-Spring-CheeSalt Spring Island has two cheesemakers (or cheeseries as I like to call them) crafting delicious award-winning cow, goat and sheep's cheeses.

SS-Cheese-PicnicSalt Spring Island Cheese makes delicious hard and soft goat and sheep's cheeses - including camembert, feta, blue and manchego styles. We recommend a visit to the cheesemaker's studio to view the cheesemaking process and taste all their cheeses (and there's a lot!).

There is also a great on site cafe with local food featuring their own cheese.

Why not let someone else do the driving...

Go Pacific Golf is in the business of luxury travel. On Saltspring Island, we offer private culinary day tours for 2 to 4 people. In a luxury car, you will be chauffeured to the island's finest foodie establishments such as the wineries, a cheesery and other unique tasting venues. The tour includes a farm to table lunch, all tasting fees and snacks along the way.

Where to buy Salt Spring Island Cheese?


Buster, a working sheepdog at Salt Spring Cheese

Salt Spring Island and Moonstruck Cheese are available on island at (although selections may be limited):

  • The Salt Spring Saturday Market
  • Natureworks
  • Salt Spring Mercantile in Fulford
  • Country Grocer
  • Thriftys

For the best choice of cheese and pricing, visit the Salt Spring Saturday Market or the Cheesemaker's Studios.