Al's Gourmet Falafel and Fries

Come see Al for what might just be the "Best Falalfel Ever!!". Open at the Saturday Market and weekdays at 151 Rainbow Road in Ganges.

Bite me! Treats

At Bite Me! Treats, we offer a delicious variety of gourmet, handmade cookies, scones, baked goods and more!

Cafe Ole

Cafe Ole has been providing delicious coffee in the Market for 25 years--cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, canadiana (americano,eh) lemonade and yummy cookies and cakes. A great place to meet...

Claire Ryder, Jonas Pilheden & family

GLUTEN FREE&ORGANIC&RAWLIVING FOODS&NUT FREE DEHYDRATED PRODUCTS 2kinds of kalechips = Fresh Basil & hot spicy paprika ...kalmassio a topping ... 2sprouted seed crackers ...fruit rollups and more.... We give out samples !!! My own unique recipes

Culturalive Fermented Foods

At culturalive fermented foods, we invite wild bacteria to culture our mostly organic, locally grown, vegetables and herbs. We grow some of the produce and what we dont grow comes from local farmers or...

Mt Maxwell Coffee Roasters

OUR STORY We love coffee, we love each other, and we love animals. We love our community and we love the raw beauty of plants untampered by the scientific creations of man. Organic coffee is our speciality....