Shells-in-the-Shallows-1000Salt Spring is a beautiful place, but without images and photos - we couldn't show you!

Website Background Image

The website background image of a beach with driftwood is called "Shells in the Shallows" and is used with permission from local, and internationally renowned, painter Carol Evans. It is a watercolour painting (yes, not a photograph!) of Walker Hook on Salt Spring Island. Please visit Carol's website >> for more of her beautiful and inspiring work, or visit Gallery 8 in Grace Point Square in Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.

Website Photos

Our Official Site Photographer:

KristineMayesSome of the photos were taken by us over the years here, but many were taken by our "Official Site Photographer", Kristine Mayes. She moved to Salt Spring Island in 2013 from Vancouver, but is originally from Ontario. I think she has already taken more photographs of Salt Spring than I have! Bursting with enthisiasm and energy, we love Kristine! Learn more about Kristine on her blog Canadian Islander and check out her many photos at Venture Vancouver.

We also hugely appreciate and thank:

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