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Samya is the Sanskrit word for "Balance"

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life which holistically addresses each individual’s different elemental constitutional balance.

The five elements present in every skin cell make up our 3 main doshas or biological humours:

Vata (air + space), Pitta (fire + water) and Kapha (earth + water).

Every individual has their unique balance of these doshas. Our products are designed to offer your skin, mind and body this state of balance between the doshas: Samya dosha.

All botanical; colour, paraben and sulphate free Samya Ayurveda products work to balance the three vital doshas.

Using oils, herbs, flours, essential oils and naturally occurring minerals, Samya Ayurveda products nourish the skin deeply. Our products use natural therapeutic ingredients which are absorbed deep into the skin’s layers where they have cleansing, toning, nourishing and rejuvenating effects. Samya Ayurveda Beauty Rituals gently allow us to discover our own natural beauty through the use of ancient therapeutic applications using traditional Ayurvedic herbs and formulas.


109 Purvis Ln, Salt Spring Island, BC V7T 1A2, Canada

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