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225 Charlesworth Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, B8K 2J7

Email: [email protected]


I cannot draw, cook or play any music to save my life. What I can do, is make things.
Over many years, as a craft consultant for non-governmental organisations in South East Asia, my main job was to come up with contemporary and functional designs for products made by villagers from materials that were locally accessible, overlooked or just plain waste. These products would then be sold to resorts, hotels or gifts shops in that region, thus generating income for the village.
In that spirit, I am constantly searching for unexpected ways to reuse remnant fabric, found objects, second-hand garments, and used or partly damaged stuff that I can redesign into useful things that will both delight and endure.
Under the Salt Spring Tweed label, I design and make bags, purses, sleeves, accessories and home decor pieces mostly out of wonderfully textural jackets, kilts and fabric remnants found in thrift shops.


225 Charlesworth Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, B8K 2J7

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