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  • The Saturday Market



Email: [email protected]


I sell jewelry, malas and rosaries (prayer beads), with special beads rolled in my own hands and made of nothing but rose petals. The rose petals are cooked in a cast iron pot for three days and the resulting black paste is rolled in my hands creating each bead one at a time. When the beads dry they create a hard durable bead that retains the fragrance of the rose petals they are made from. Often this fragrance lasts for an amazingly long time; people tell me their old grandmother's rosary is still fragrant after 100 years! In fact when the Catholic faith received these beads from the Moslem faith about 500 years ago, that's when the term "rosary" was established! The beads were originally created in India before Christ. Some people still use the beads for prayer or as a meditation tool, and many enjoy them as fragrant jewelry. Come and smell the fragrance...

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