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We started over 20 years ago with a vision to make traditional Indian and South Asian spice blends. Since then we have followed our taste buds to other parts of the planet: Africa, the Levant, the Far East and the Far West. Our fans rave about the ability of our fresh blends to transform an everyday meal into a taste sensation.

We start with high quality whole spices, which we then toast by hand, grind and blend. We make all our whole and ground spice and tea blends in small batches. We also bottle our blends right after making in glass jars so that every bit of fresh fragrance and flavour is locked in. The recipes for our blends have been accumulated through the company founder's travels in India and other places where he obtained unique authentic recipes right from these cultural origins.

Our website is a terrific source for inspiring recipes as well as a listing of stores where you may be able to purchase our spices close to home. You can also order online at!

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