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  • The Saturday Market



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Sculptors Neacol and Stanley Miller synthesize fire, glass, colour and pop-culture to create a body of work that resides somewhere between toys and jewelry. Their anime-inspired pieces in candy-tinted glass are at once playful, stylish, wearable and irresistibly tactile.
Under the studio name Bling Squared, their work confronts the sphere of collector-vinyl figures and responds with the ancient Venetian art of timeless glass.

Their inspiration comes from obsessions with Japanese animation, comic books, fashion, pop culture and their daughter – leading them to create a large variety of endearing characters and designs that have an uncanny ability to make people smile and sometimes even eliciting a gasp or squeal.

They are always branching out with new designs and improving on old ones. They adore their craft and art, and the very best reward they have found is finding others who love their little sculptures as much as they do.

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