Are you a foodie? Do you love local food? Want to taste wines & cheese? Or maybe you're just hungry! We guarantee you'll be delighted with your visit to Salt Spring Island!

  1. SS-Ales-Tasting-RoomHave a blast at one of Our Fabulous Events like our Fall Fair in September, the Annual Apple Festival, and Sip and Savour. Plus we have great dinner series like "Chefs over the Water", "Farm to Table Dinners" and special events too!
  2. Love Lamb? We're famous for our homegrown "Salt Spring Lamb", but we also have pork, chicken and beef - buy it direct from the farmer or on local farmstands.
  3. Fanatical about fish? We have our very own fishery (wild, fresh caught salmon, crab, halibut for your barbecue?) and Ropey Fishing Company's smoked salmon, cod and their smoked tuna is out of this world! You could even go fishing while you're here!Moonstruck Cheese
  4. Crazy about Cheese? We have not one, but two artisanal cheesemakers! The Salt Spring Cheese tasting room is a MUST visit, now with a cafe - and in the summer ice cream made with goat milk! Taste both Salt Spring and Moonstruck cheese every week at the Saturday Market too.
  5. Enjoy Tasting Wine & Beer? We have 3 local wineries (Salt Spring Winery, Garry Oaks Vineyard and Mistaken Identity), a craft brewery (Salt Spring Ale), plus a brand new apple cidery.
  6. Salt Spring Kitchen delicious jams & picklesLove Pickles, Vinegars and Jams? You'll find them all over the island, at the markets and on farmstands. Be sure to check out  Salt Spring Kitchen small batch artisan preserves (Lavender & Meyer Lemon Marmalade anyone?) at the Saturday Market and in select stores!
  7. Enjoy (eating) Baking? Look for our artisan bakers and sweet treats at the Saturday Market and find home-baked goods at studios and on farmstands all over the island (we recommend Jana's Bake Shop and  Rendezvous Cafe - with native French specialties!)
  8. Rendezvous-Specialty-BrigitteAre you a Coffee afficionado? Then you've already heard of Salt Spring Coffee! And we also have local boutique roasters Mount Maxwell and Ometepe Coffee.
  9. Like Quirky Cafes and Restaurants? Check out Kizmit Cafe (great art, funky outdoor decorations), Cafe Talia (shack on the outside, chic on the inside!), The Tree House (cafe and restaurant in a funky space under a big tree!) and Fernwood Cafe (sit on a sofa outside on the lawn overlooking Fernwood dock and beach!)
  10. Als Gourmet Falafel and Fries - image 1 - Salt Spring Island Market VendorPerhaps Food Carts are your thing? We have our original cart Al's Falafel and Fries (we recommend the Falafel wrap with pickled turnip and Yam Fries with Chipotle Mayo), plus a Greek Food Cart, (local) Salad Bar, an extremely popular El Loco Taco (try the fish tacos) open until 7pm most nights, a new Israeli food cart at Kizmit Cafe and delicious local  hot dogs at the Saturday market.
  11. Get healthy Salt Spring Sprouts and Exotic Mushrooms too! Find them in our local stores Natureworks, Country Grocer and Thriftys.gelato-window
  12. What about Gelato? We have 2 "ice cream" parlours in central Ganges - Glads and Harlans, plus Penny's on the way up to the upper village. The Gelato and Sorbetto at Harlans is out of this world with ever-changing flavours like Salted Caramel, Passion Fruit, Kinder Egg, Rose and Rocky Road. Also get local fruitsicles and ice cream in Fulford Village and at the Tuesday and Saturday market too!
  13. Love Restaurants? We have everything from take-out pizza, sushi and noodles to fish and chips at The Seaside Restaurant (looking out over the water) to traditional European at House Piccolo, great Italian at Auntie Pesto's Cafe and the fabulous Hastings House Hotel which has recently added the Hastings House Bistro for fabulous food (and cocktails) in a more casual setting. In Fulford Rock Salt Cafe is casual west coast dining with a twist.
  14. Finally, Fancy Growing Your Own Food? Get a headstart and take home fruit, herb and veggie "plant starts" from local farmers - we recommend Chorus Frog Farm on Rainbow Road, opposite the swimming pool.ELE-DSC_0156-Eliza-Ayla2
  15. PS. If you love organic food, body care products and health supplements, Natureworks, a locally owned health and grocery store specialises in organic and local produce and goodies in Ganges town centre - well worth a visit.

So, come, taste, eat, buy and take home (bring a cooler!). Delight your tastebuds with everything Salt Spring has to offer!


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