This is a lovely pebble beach in a gently curving bay at the edge of Ruckle Park, next to Yeo Point (4 on the Ruckle Park Map).  The water is clear (and cold!) and the beach is surrounded by lush forest.  The pebbles can be hard underfoot so we recommend beach shoes.

You can only access this beach by hiking (or kayaking) in - but we think its well worth it.  Either follow the trails on the Ruckle park map  to Yeo Point - one of our favourites it the hike from the back of Beaver Point Hall.  Or for a fun alternative that is very kid friendly take the short trail from the end of Mayer Road through the fairy village.

Its also worth a stroll up to Yeo Point for the view.



Yeo Point, Ruckle Park, Salt Spring Island

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