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Hiking and Trails on Salt Spring Island

Great Salt Spring Island Hikes with pictures, access points and maps - something for all levels of ability.

Beaches and Lakes of Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island has many amazing beaches and lakes with public access. Some of them can be hard to find, but they are well worth looking for!

Water Activities on Salt Spring Island

We offer plenty of water-based activities (lake and ocean!) from the wonderfully relaxing to the fun and energetic.

Cycling on Salt Spring Island

Cycling is a great way to slow down and explore everything Salt Spring Island has to offer. There are cycling routes for every skill level, with winding country roads and gorgeous scenery.

Salt Spring Island for Nature Lovers

We are home to many endangered species including the red-legged frog, the western painted turtle, sharp-tailed snake & more.

Fishing on Salt Spring Island

When planning your getaway to Salt Spring don’t forget to pack fishing rods. Salt Spring Island is surrounded by waters teeming with sea life and also has many well known lakes including the renown St. Mary lake.