Exciting news: The Salt Spring Market.com website has been revamped and relaunched!


The old saltspringmarket.com

Background: www.saltspringmarket.com launched in 1998 in the early days of the internet, and quickly gained momentum. By the winter of 1999/2000 it was the top-ranking Salt Spring website among major search engines and quickly became the darling of human-powered web directories and website users. The site's popularity has increased steadily over the years and now regularly receives thousands of visitors. Such ranking and recognition did not come easily - the original site owner worked hard to achieve this high profile online.

Now: Over the years the website's design has stayed largely the same - so it was time for an overhaul! Duncan and Emma-Louise Elsey bought Salt Spring Market.com from the original site owner and creator Helene Meurer at the end of 2013, and have spent the last few months reorganizing and revamping the site. Helene was ahead of the curve when she created Salt Spring Market.com in 1998, and are honoured that Helene 'passed the torch' to them to continue. Emma-Louise and Duncan plan to bring www.saltspringmarket.com into the modern age - both design-wise and by using modern marketing techniques and social media to promote Salt Spring Island, and its businesses.

Who uses Salt Spring Market.com: www.saltspringmarket.com is viewed almost exclusively by people who have already decided to visit the area. These visitors include potential customers for Salt Spring Island, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Foodies, people looking for real estate, families and art-lovers are just a few people who find and use our site. As a result, many Salt Spring Island businesses choose to list or advertise their business on the site, especially accommodation owners - because once people see everything there is to see and do, the next logical step is to book your salt spring island accommodation! In fact many accommodation owners have been advertising for many years on saltspringmarket.com.

Website visitors: www.saltspringmarket.com benefits from exposure to several thousands of visitors per month. In fact in the first quarter of 2014 the 'old' Salt Spring Market website had over 15000 visits. As summer approaches and people begin to plan their trips, website visits increase - in April alone the 'old' version of the website attracted 7500 visits. Plus we have far flung visitors too! In the last quarter, Salt Spring Market has been found and visited by people from well over 100 different countries. The vast majority of website visitors come from Canada and the United States, but there are also quite a few visitors from the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Germany.


Emma-Louise and Duncan at Grace Point in Ganges

It's our business: Not only do Emma-Louise and Duncan run their own vacation cottage on Salt Spring Island, they will be continuously improving and publicizing this site and adding new features to help tourists enjoy their visit. And they have the know-how - Duncan is a website developer, and Emma-Louise built a successful online business from scratch since moving to Salt Spring Island almost 6 years ago (with a bit of help from Duncan!).

The key goals for the new Salt Spring Market.com are to:

  • Create a fabulous first impression of Salt Spring Island to potential visitors.
  • To showcase everything Salt Spring Island has to offer and get visitors excited about their visit here.
  • To help visitors plan their visits, find accommodation and encourage visitors to support local Salt Spring businesses.
  • Increase out of season visitation to the island.
  • To help people plan their move to Salt Spring Island (and they'll need somewhere to stay while making that happen!)

It's early days, but we do hope you like the site. Please look around - and let us know what you think.

Finally, keeping people informed and engaged! The new monthly newsletter for tourists and people looking to move here will let people know what's happening on Salt Spring Island - inspiring them to visit! Additionally people who sign-up for the Salt Spring Market newsletter will also be entered to win a spectacular "Goodie Basket" full of fantastic local products - which will be sent to the lucky winner, anywhere in the world that Canada Post delivers! There will also be an informal newsletter to people who list their businesses or advertise on www.saltspringmarket.com to keep them informed of site changes & improvements.

What to do now? Well, if you're thinking about visiting or moving to Salt Spring Island - sign-up for our monthly newsletter (in the sidebar to the right of the website) to get news and special offers! Also, we'd love you to Like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Pinterest!


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