Trailhead: The trail head is along the Heritage Home trail 400 meters from the parking lot at the top of the large hill between a small stand of evergreens. Look for the trail post near the two mammoth boulders, Zaphod & Beeblebrox, visible on the hillside above.

Special Features: Mammoth boulders and Caves (if you know where to look!)


The boulder field offers a strenuous exploratory experience amongst some of the largest boulders on Salt Spring Island. Climb atop, underneath, through and around these large boulders. Look for unique boulders including the upside-down triangle, the boulder wrapped by a tree and even try your hand at spelunking!

Please hike responsibly: does not warrant that trails are safe or passable, nor that the information provided is completely accurate. Look out for maps at trail heads and markers on trails.  Travelling on trails has inherent risks and you assume responsibility for your own safety and protection.  Wear appropriate footwear and clothing, and take food and water.


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