Shops and stores, farms and farm-stands, amazing local food & drink and holistic healing are just some of the reasons you should take the time to explore what Salt Spring has to offer...

Business Directory for Salt Spring Island

Locals businesses to help you make the most of you Salt Spring Island Stay!

Ale, Wine & Cheese on Salt Spring Island

With a craft brewery, three wineries and two cheesemakers you have a picnic made in heaven!

Art Galleries and Studios on Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is an absolute mecca for artists and artisans of every kind.

Farms & Farm-stands on Salt Spring Island

Farms can be found all over the island - look out for the signs as you drive around.

Health, Wellness and Yoga on Salt Spring

Salt Spring Island is renowned as a mecca for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Shops & Stores on Salt Spring Island

Find unique gifts, clothing, jewellery, books, natural soaps, food and so much more!