So, you're interested in advertising on Salt Spring Market - you've come to the right place. Below are listed some frequently asked questions. Plus, it's FREE to list yourself if you are a Market Vendor (Saturday, Tuesday or Wednesday Market). 

What's the difference between a Business Listing and an Ad?

  • Ads are 125 x 125 px square images which visitors click on to visit your site.
  • A Business Listing gets you a page all to yourself on Salt Spring, fully featured with photos, your contact details and links to your social media and your website.
  • If you have a Salt Spring Island Business you can simply list yourself on Salt Spring - it's a great place to start. NOTE: Business Listings are found under "Things to Do", in the section "Salt Spring Businesses".
  • With an Ad you have more flexibility - you can place your ad anywhere on the site. For example you could highlight yourself as a realtor or accommodation on the Fall Fair page, or place an ad for your restaurant or activity on the accommodations pages. Why not get creative?
  • Finally, anyone can have a Business Listing providing of course they have a Salt Spring Island based business, whereas Ad space is limited - there are only so many slots on the site.

What is a Business Listing?

listingIf you're a Salt Spring business, a Business Listing is the best way to highlight your business to visitors! Your business will be found in the appropriate category under "Things to Do", in the section, "Salt Spring Businesses".

Your listing includes a slideshow of up to 5 images, a description of your business/product, a pin on the appropriate map as well as your contact information, social media links and more. Business Listings appear on the relevant Salt Spring pages in an alphabetical list and while planning their visit to Salt Spring, people click through to a page on Salt Spring to learn more about your business.

What is an Ad?

adsBefore you buy an ad, you may want to consider a Business Listing (see above). If you already have a Business Listing and want to increase your exposure or showcase your business on a specific page on the website, an Ad is the way to go. An ad highlights your business to people planning their visits to Salt Spring Island - where you want them to see your business and encourages them to click directly through to your website.

Ads on our site are 125x125 images that currently appear on the right hand side of specific pages. They are designed to catch the readers attention. Clicking on theses ads will take the reader to your websites. The ads are intended to be high profile and there is a strict limit on the advertising spaces on each page.

Why not get creative? Eg. our accommodation, beaches and hiking pages get a lot of visitors!

What Format and Size does my Ad need to be?

Ads are square "tiles", 125 x 125 pixels in size, and in .jpg format. They are displayed in the sidebar of the relevant page/s.

Andrea-Graphic-Designer-SSMHelp! How Do I Create My Ad?

If you don't know how to create your Ad, ask a/your graphic designer to help you. Andrea Palframan offers Ad creation services at $50 per hour (125x125 pixel ad creation typically takes 1-3 hours).

How Do I Submit My Ad?

Once you have created your 125x125 advert please use this form to request your advert.